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Company Today

SADELMI Power is a new company with a strong tradition: the company enters the market bearing a proud heritage: the skills and experience that are part of the brand present in the international market for over 60 years.

The Mission

Design and build with excellence, skill and reliability, both in terms of completion and performance, major construction projects in the fields of power, in full compliance with quality and safety standards and total respect of the principles envisaged as regards sustainable development and the safeguard of the environment. SADELMI Power designs and builds power plants using the latest technology to offer efficient projects but at the same time economic and with limited impact on the environment.
SADELMI Power gives the greatest importance to the environment, health and safety on all of its projects, and considers this to be a primary responsibility of its management. Its employees have the duty to avoid causing environmental damage, accidents, health risks for themselves, their colleagues and other people.


Sadelmi Power's management and employees are all working having as leading principles integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency when performing on business and when managing relationships with collegues and third parties. Sadelmi Power operates in the direction of a sustainable development and its core principles are economic growth, environment protection and social progress. All activities, from engineering to procurement and construction, are performed in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements. The first priority is the ongoing innovation based on the use of any know-how advancement, which allows to improve the technical performance by simultaneously protecting the environment.

Human Resources

At Sadelmi, we focus our commitment and professional skills on the achievement of the company's objectives, i.e. developing skills, capabilities and talents of each employee through an accurate education and training program.


SADELMI has been angaged in the construction engineering field since 1947, with specialization in the construction of power plants. steam, combined and simple cycle power stations designed and built by SADELMI can be found in almost all countries world-wide. Over the last fifteen years, utilities amounting to a total of 8,000 Mw in power featuring as many as over 60 turbines were built. To name but a few, Alba and Al Hidd in Bahrain, Izmit in Turkey, Jebel Ali and Al Taweelah in United Arab Emirates, Rabigh and Hofuf in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ras Abu Fontas in Qatar and Zarqa in Jordan.

Milestones in our history

1947 - Sadelmi, established by Orsi family, started its activity in Argentina under the name of SADE.

1960 - In the sixties, General Electric (USA) became a shareholder of Sadelmi.

1988 - Sadelmi and SAE (a leader company in the energy transmission and rail electrification industry) merged under the SAE SADELMI company name.

1989 - SAE SADELMI became part of the ABB Group and changed its name into ABB SAE SADELMI.

1997 - ABB SAE SADELMI was split into 2 divisions : ABB SAE SADELMI - Power Generation and ABB SAE SADELMI - Transmission.

1998 - ABB SAE SADELMI €“ Power Generation changed its name into ABB SADELMI.

1999 - ABB and ALSTOM decided to establish a 50-50% joint venture and incorporate all the plant engineering and manufacturing activities in their respective Power areas The newborn ABB ALSTOM POWER incorporated ABB Sadelmi.

2000 - ABB SADELMI changed its name into ALSTOM POWER ITALIA after Alstom buying out the ABB share in the joint venture.

2003 - ALSTOM POWER ITALIA re-organized its structure worldwide. The plant engineering activities in Italy were separated and passed to Sadelmi.

2005 - The Falck Group sold its share to the Busi group, which manages the company up to a deep economic crisis, that caused the group to seek an arrangement with creditors, handing over the operations of power.

2011 - SADELMI Power is born. The ambitious goal of this new entity is to continue the story of this big Company.