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Sadelmi Power's project procurement procedures meet the following objectives:
- Quality in all procurement phases
- High technical standard of the supplied equipment and materials
- Economic and quick completion of the project
- World-wide sourcing for commercial advantage
- Due consideration of local supply sources

To achieve these objectives, a Project Procurement Team is established, headed by a Project Procurement Manager. The Project Procurement Manager is responsible for the follow up of all procurement activities, planning, staffing, coordination and reporting relevant to: Preparation of Technical Specifications, purchasing, spare parts, expediting, inspection, logistics, vendor and sub-contractors control and audit.
In order to select the most competitive vendors and to comply with the project execution schedule, Sadelmi Power solicits quotations for all major equipment and commodities on a world-wide basis during the proposal phase. The potential vendors are well-known, reputable manufacturers, fully experienced in the supply of the particular equipment and/or commodity.
The bids received are evaluated, commercially and technically, and negotiations start immediately to enable Sadelmi Power to place purchase orders for the main and critical items early after project award to meet the overall schedule requirements.
Sadelmi Power and its nominated sub-contractors will be responsible for procurement of equipment and material, included in their scope of supply. The project procurement and subcontracting follow-up is developed according to Sadelmi Power standard procedures and is applied to its nominated subcontractors procurement activities.
The project procurement manager will ensure homogenous and effective procurement and reporting for the project and to follow-up the nominated subcontractors procurement activities.