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SADELMI Power builds:

- gas simple cycle plants
- combined cycle and cogeneration plants
- conventional steam power plants
- biomass power plants
- wind power farms
- waste to energy power plants
- photovoltaic and solar plants
- HV/MV electrical substations


SADELMI Power, following highly integrated production processes to its various corporate functions, guarantees total compliance with costs as well as the time frame set in contractual obligations, and uses these capabilities:
plant start-up and O&M
- Coordination of multidisciplinary engineering expertise
- Building of turn-key projects
- Manage the impact of technology on the environment
- International experience
- Project management as main contractor or in partnership
- Use of procedures tested by years of experience on the field


SADELMI Power is engaged in plant engineering and contracting and is capable to provide clients with feasibility study, process selection, project financing, basic and detail engineering, procurement, construction, commission-ing, start-up, operation & maintenance. :
feasibility study
- process selection
- project financing
- basic and detail engineering
- procurement
- commisioning
- start-up
- operation & maintenance





Has been revieved on new SADELMI Power structure to pursue constant improvement in processes considering: :
- Customer requirements
- Company organization
- Applicable codes and regulations
- Technological content
The System model is based on requirements of the relevant applicable standards.



- Quality Manual
- Management Organizational Procedures
- Work Instructions
- Project Quality Plans
- Records

Safety and Health

It is our policy to maintain an healthy working environment, equipment and systems of work. Industrial health and safety are given the highest priority in all aspects of our works. A safety plan is prepared at the earliest stage of the project. The safety plan includes detailed policies, procedures, and regulation for the Safety and Health on site. All the safety matters are managed by a safety officer/supervisor who ensures the proper performance of safety precautions and procedure. The Safety Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Health & Safety Rules which are part of the Construction Execution Plan. Each Erection Team or Contractor, for each activity, has to be fully compliant with site safety regulations. Regular safety meetings are organized with contractors and Owner representatives to discuss all relevant safety issues.